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Topnotch fuel-saving devices
FTP(r) Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips
We have many various models, all of which are readily available in stock! Covered by patents around the world, any infringements are prohibited.
Innovative exhaust tip models with outstanding and long-lasting performance!
Illustration of FTP(r) exhaust tip
--The exterior air current of the outer exhaust tip
--The air current in the exhaust tip
--The exterior air current of the outer exhaust tip
Fuel-saving, powerful, and performance-enhancing!
The only exhaust-tip model that completely directs exhaust away from the car, efficiently decreasing carbon-fouling when in serious traffic jams or during slow driving.
Slow-drive flame testing when starting a Tierra 1.6 on a lifting table
Material: SUS#304 stainless steel
Theory: Hydromechanics, Eddy Current, Venturi, Physics
Reference data: Siphonic action, friction coefficient
--Provides complete and smooth exhaust flow
--Ensures low engine temperature and long engine operating life
--Decarbonizes for complete combustion and low fuel consumption
--Enhances horsepower and torque, acceleration, and hill-climbing performance
Fuel-Saving Devices



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